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The INSTICUBE Collective Data Dashboards show some recent observations.

ESG – Environmental, social and corporate governance in the investment process.


Looking into the buy-side research data of INSTICUBE, which is obviously a topic of high priority for almost every asset owner across Europe.


At the top end we see the Netherlands with 82%, and the Nordics with 75%, of reporting asset owners saying that they currently have – or plan – to introduce an ESG policy. On the other hand, we see Southern Europe with just 32%, and DACH with 44%.


When it comes to operational practice, one can see a wide range of different approaches. Some asset managers have implemented adequate reporting, and some publish their own ESG ratings on their web sites. It is obviously not just about reporting, albeit there is some consistency with UN Reporting standards. A maximum of only half has a policy in place relating to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI).


Looking further into the INSTICUBE data, one can clearly see that ESG is seen as critical and is analyzed carefully. In the Netherlands over 47% of asset owners say that a failure to support the principles of responsible investments (PRI) is sufficient grounds to dismiss an asset manager. It is a similar picture in the Nordics. And looking further into individual reporting data one can clearly see wide ranges of ratings reflecting the individual ESG approaches taken by asset managers employed.


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Understand the really important issues for each of your clients.
Learn about systemic and individual differences by region, asset class, type of investor, and more.
Use INSTICUBE’s 1-10 scale to corroborate all your other existing research data on client centricity.
Full market benchmarking on a large number of specific subjects.
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